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Copyright is NOT transferred if you buy an original artwork. The copyright is always retained by the artist. Reproduction of an original artwork is not permitted. No image may be reproduced in any way whatsoever without the express written permission from the artist. All artwork on this site remains the copyright of Gary Streak and is protected by South African Copyright Law.

Privacy Policy

Under NO circumstances will we share any information that has been submitted to us on this site with any third party.


Shipping is subject to a quotation on request. Original paintings can be shipped within 24 hours if they are in stock. Please note that some original paintings maybe on exhibit in certain galleries, but are still available for sale. In this event, you will be contacted with a more exact time frame for dispatch. 

Please Note: Depending in your location, it will take anything from 5 to 21 working days. 


Shipping from South Africa is expensive. The shipping, insurance & packaging costs may NOT have been included in certain prices - subject to quotation on request.


Insurance will be automatically included in the shipping price. 


Please note that you may have to pay taxes or duties - this varies from country to country and also depends upon the value of your order. Please contact your country’s Customs and Excise Department for further information.